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ThirstySprout builds remote engineering teams for high-growth companies that ship game-changing software and hardware products.
We believe the best products are built by people who are inspired by their work and their teammates. Our goal is to bring the best opportunities to top talent around the world. Our vision requires a global network of bright people who can realize their full potential. We’re constantly expanding our team and hiring within our trusted network of technical talent to help us reach our goals as we pursue our mission.

Our Vision

Talent is underutilized and underserved, especially in the global marketplace.
ThirstySprout will remove geographic hurdles and connect top talent of excellence to opportunities that lead global innovation.

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Core Principles

That guide us in delivering our mission


– The backbone of all successful relationships
We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Trust can’t be wished into existence; it must be earned and maintained. We do this by promising what we can deliver, and delivering what we promise.


– In spite of uncertainty
We cultivate a bias for action, a can-do attitude, and leaders who tirelessly pursue results. We value the ability of our leaders to solve problems, work proactively, address issues as they arise, and make consistent progress together as a team.


– Of our work gives us pride
Ownership Is leadership. We believe in owning our outcomes and we have the discipline to see things through to the finish line. We like to think critically about what we can do to achieve our best performance in every situation.

Trusted by the best

We've joined forces with the world's top tech companies to supercharge our mission. Harnessing their cutting-edge platforms and global expertise, we'll deliver groundbreaking solutions to our customers at unprecedented speed.

Our Leadership Team

As seasoned startup veterans, we bring a passion for customer excellence and a deep understanding of remote work. With our strategic vision and proven track record, we are poised to lead ThirstySprout to success in the evolving future of work landscape.

David Stepania
Entrepreneurial business leader passionate about building amazing teams, delivering incredible customer experiences, and creating products that have positive impact in this world.
Rahul Solata
Partner & CTO
Former Amazon Engineering Leader. Deep expertise in managing high-performing teams complex products. Built a mentorship platform for FAANG aspirants with 100s of succesful placements at leading tech companies.
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We're hiring!
ThirstySprout simplifies finding the best remote developers, filtered by your industry and technical expertise.

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