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We know the Struggle

Using freelancer platforms like Upwork is akin to gambling. Lack of quality talent, bad code, missed deadlines, lost time and money — it needs to end. It’s time for something simple that lets you focus on executing your vision quickly.

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How we do it

We’ve filtered through thousands of developers globally to find only the top-tier engineers that know how to get your product launched. Developers we work with have been strongly vetted not just by us, but other venture-funded startups.

The result?

An invite only platform full of verified close-knit developers. You’ll work directly with the top 2% of the world’s most accomplished engineers. As former entrepreneurs, we wanted to curate the same talent that we would entrust with our own projects.

Specifically matched for your project based on technical skill and culture fit.

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Our engineering partners have worked with many of the world's most well-known brands

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Why Smart Startups Choose ThirstySprout

Step 1

Sustainable Development

No more hiring lackluster devs delivering spaghetti code. Each dev is filtered and trained for their ability to turn complex ideas into easy to read, well structured, code.

Step 2

Close-knit Teams

Collocated close-knit teams help increase velocity, reduce technical debt and add redundancy to your development. Build a high performing team on ThirstySprout.

Step 3

Vetted Talent

Specialized, experienced, and vetted software engineers are hard to find ― until now. Build your team in days instead of weeks.

Step 4

Engagement Management

Every new project comes with a 30-day engagement manager to ensure our engineers have adapted to your workflow, communication style and business goals.

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