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Find Out How Moonlight Work Is Generating Traction as a New Marketplace for Freelancers

We all are familiar with the concept of freelancing, but one thing many people may not realize is how much of a revolution it is causing in the labor force. The digital marketplace has created an entire global market for people to offer their much-needed skills. It doesn’t matter whether you need articles written, logos designed, e-mail leads, or a website designed – there is a great chance that there is someone that can immediately start solving your problem for you, for a certain price, under certain conditions. There isn’t a “typical” freelancer anymore, as it could range from a college student willing to do a couple of extra hours a week for beer money, or a parent who wants to put their hobby to use, and make a little extra grocery money for their family. Believe it or not, over 55 million Americans participate in the freelance economy, and it estimated that 47% of the workforce will be freelancing by 2020. It is extremely clear that whether workers freelance for extra money, or because of the convenience of working remotely, almost half of Americans will be involved – which means that it clearly has an inherent value.

Moonlight Work understands this, and was actually founded by software developers who created the marketplace because they needed it themselves. Moonlight Work is a platform where designers and engineers can match up with potential employers, and work for a certain period of time, for money. It is obvious that the demand for software developers will only increase. There are statistics from the U.S. Labor of Statistics that confirms this, as it estimates that the sector is estimated to grow by at least 17% by 2024. The average human being uses more mobile apps than ever before, so it is a natural assumption that the sector will continue to prosper.

There are competitors when it comes to finding software development talent, but Moonlight Work really wants to create a curated talent pool of people that have worked for prestigious companies such as Uber or Facebook, rather than a generic platform for anyone in the world to work for a certain amount of money per hour. The platform also requires that each developer have at least two developers experience, and they go out of their way to vet each developer to ensure that they are capable. This also helps to weed out potential frauds and incompetent workers that would make the platform less efficient.

The startup isn’t looking for just anyone to join. The idea is that Moonlight Work will naturally become an elite marketplace for software developers to charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 an hour, so that there aren’t engineers and designers charging $20 an hour and attempting to undermine each other. This also helps the platform’s revenue model, as Moonlight Work charges a 15% fee to cover operating costs, which is small enough to be reasonable to both the employer and the contractor.

The marketplace also ends up being a great remote workplace, as it is an extensive platform that provides all sorts of tools to make sure that the job is manageable. All contractors and team members can contact each other and communicate through one centralized app, and the timeline and hours can all be tabulated in the same way. This encourages repeat-hires, and helps to ensure maximum productivity. Employers also can feel at ease, as they can hire workers extremely conveniently, as they are not obligated to pay until the work actually begins. If the arrangement isn’t working out for whatever reason, the employer can actually switch contractors or cancel at any time. There are also “check-ins” where the worker can look over the work before approving payment. If a company constantly needs developers, they can even opt to receive a list of software developers in their e-mail every week, to ensure that there is always someone that could help with a work overload, or a certain project.

Moonlight Work certainly is in a great position, as their aim is to create a seamless and convenient marketplace for one of the most in-demand skills in the world currently, that will only continue to grow. Of course, there are several obstacles involved. The company will have to work on making the platform as effective as possible, and look into adding features. The reason for this is because if the arrangement works out for both parties, there is always the possibility that they take their work outside of the app, which means that they bypass Moonlight Work’s revenue models. There are definitely freelancer platforms that have this issue, but considering that this is higher-paid work, it may affect the company more than most, and could definitely prove to be a thorn in the company’s success. There are also all sorts of issues when it comes to taxes and invoicing when it comes to the freelance or “gig” economy, and the founders even recognize that this will be an obstacle that they will have to overcome – whether they have to outsource to another startup for all of their invoices, or hire new staff to handle the paperwork.

There is a tremendous amount of potential here, as Moonlight Work is in the direct intersection of two expanding sectors – the rise of freelancing, and the expansion of software development. It is very clear that the demand for both of these will only increase, as people find solace in being able to work on their own terms, and human beings increasingly rely on mobile apps every year. Moonlight Work certainly will have their own obstacles to ensure that contractors stay on the platform, and don’t take their work offline. The fact that their fee is low shows that Moonlight Work is committed to making the marketplace as fair as possible, and aren’t trying to take advantage over a small group of elite developers. This will help attract the best talent around – which of course, will be one of the biggest obstacles. Software developers are hired constantly, everywhere, and while everyone is always looking for more work – it may be a fight to keep the very best software developers on the platform. It is very easy to claim that you will attract the top talent in the world, and a complete other thing to actually attract that talent, and keep it. Time will tell whether Moonlight Work will be able to succeed or not, but we certainly have our eyes on it.