The ThirstySprout Story

Curing Our Own Pain Is What Brought Us To Life.

The story of ThirstySprout isn’t one where a group of people got together and brainstormed business ideas or what problems to solve. The story of ThirstySprout is one of necessity because curing our own pain is what brought us to life.

Prior to ThirstySprout, you see, our founder, David Stephania was plagued with the typical problems facing many startups today. He had an idea, raised financing, but just couldn’t find the development resources required to bring his visions to life. Sure there were freelance sites with developers everywhere, but these weren’t the “talented” developers one could count on to build and grow a startup. All the “real” talent was being snagged up as fast as it was born by the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook who offered fancy perks and large paychecks - leaving guys like David with lackluster development talent and one startup failure after the next.

“How could guys like David find and hire top development talent?”

This was the question that seemed to have no (quality) answer…

… until the stars aligned and David’s friend, now business partner, Alexander Strunkin finished his tenure with a Y-Combinator startup called Deako and accepted a grant from the Russian Government to do speaking engagements at the largest accelerators and incubators in Eastern Europe.

It was here, in Eastern Europe, when Alexander was met with one top-tier developer after the next who you would typically find inside the offices of Amazon, Facebook, and Google if they were American born. But since they weren’t, this army of talented European developers were left gig-less and asking Alexander, “How can we work with startups in America?”

After receiving this question over and over again, Alexander reached out to David and they both realized just how short the US market was for quality developer resources and how difficult it was to lock down developers for US companies who were competing with tech giants.

It was for this reason, David and Alexander decided to form a joint venture with the mission of connecting US companies with top-tier development talent -- giving rise to ThirstySprout.

Today, ThirstySprout, provides you with the same level of development you would normally find working inside BIG tech companies for a fraction of the cost. Add on top of that on-demand service and no long term commitment and it’s easy to see why ThirstySprout has grown into having the best team available with virtually infinite scalability!

David Stepania

David Stepania

Alexander Strunkin

Alexander Strunkin

Partner & CTO